Bendix® Valves

Genuine Bendix® Valves

Valves direct the flow and release of air throughout an air brake system … a big job for the network of compact components located on an 80,000 pound vehicle. But when it comes to product performance and support, Bendix valves have set the standard for everyone else.

If you want to maintain performance, reliability, and even safety, go with the best, stay with the best… genuine Bendix. Why take a chance with anything less?

Genuine Bendix valves – whether new or remanufactured – reflect today’s highest engineering standards and comply with all federal safety regulations. In fact, genuine Bendix is the industry standard valve system chosen by leading OE manufacturers throughout North America.

Commercial vehicles are becoming more sophisticated and compressed air requirements are increasing daily. That’s why we’re always hard at work developing and testing the next generation of valves and control system components designed to enhance and improve vehicle performance. With highly sophisticated R&D activities and up-to-date expertise from around the globe, we continue to ensure each new design meets and exceeds your needs.


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