Top Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers in the US

Valves are mechanical or electro-mechanical devices that are used to control the passage of fluid or air through pipes and tubes. Valves control flow by using mechanical barriers to open, close, or redirect passageways.

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To assist with selecting qualified manufacturers and/or suppliers of valves in the US, Thomas has aggregated this list of the top valves companies in the US. See below:

Top U.S. Manufacturers of Valves

Below is a summary of the top U.S. - based manufacturers of valves, presented and ranked in order by top-line annual revenue from highest to lowest. All revenue values reported are based on publicly available company financial data for the year 2017, and are shown in millions of U.S. Dollars.

Table 1 - Summary of Top US manufacturers of valves

* Revenue data obtained from 2017 10-K report.

**Market capitalization values as reported by Marketwatch as of March 26, 2018.

Company Headquarters Annual Revenue ($Millions)* Market Capitalization ($Billions)**
Emerson St Louis, MO $15,264 $42.76
Parker Hannifin Cleveland, OH $12,029 $22.52
Flowserve Corp. Irving, TX $3,661 $5.51
Crane Co. Stamford, CT $2,786 $5.45
Curtiss-Wright Charlotte, NC $1,854 $5.91
Barnes Group, Inc. Bristol, CT $1,436 $3.15
Actuant Corp Menomonee Falls, WI $1,096 $1.32
Circor Burlington, MA $662 $0.809
Sun Hydraulics Corp Sarasota, FL $341 $1.69

Emersonleads this list with annual revenue of $15,264M. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Emerson manufacturers products for both consumer and industrial sectors. Emerson valves include a variety of brands such as Fisher, Crosby, and Kunkle.

At Position 2 is Parker Hannifin with annual revenue of $12,029M. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio Parker Hannifin produces valves for hydraulic, pneumatic, refrigeration, and aerospace applications.

Flowserve Corp. is in position 3 with annual revenue of $3,661M. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, Flowserve specializes in products for the power, oil, gas, and chemical industries. Flowserve produced valves include the Durco, Worthington, and Nordstrom brands.

Crane Co. is the valve manufacturer in position 4 with annual revenue of $2,786M. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Crane Co. serves a variety of industries from Aerospace & Defense to counterfeit detection. Crane Co. valves are produced from their fluid handling segment. Their product portfolio includes sealed globe valves, industrial diaphragm valves, safety valves, and traditional valves.

Curtiss-Wright, with annual revenue of $1M, makes the list in position 5. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Curtiss- Wright manufactures a variety of valves through their industrial oil and gas division. Types of valves produced include ball valves, check valves, control valves, and globe valves.

Barnes Groupoccupies position 6 with annual revenue of $1,436M. Headquartered in Bristol Connecticut, Barnes Group produces precision components for industrial molding and aerospace sectors. Barnes Group focuses on precision flapper and reed valves.

Actuant Corp is the valve manufacturer in position 7 with annual revenue of $1,096M. Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Actuant specializes In heavy hydraulic lifting equipment and precise vehicle components and offers valve products through their Industrial Business Segment.

At position 8 is Circor, with annual revenue of $662M. Circor is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts and provides products for the Energy, Industrial, and Aerospace industries. Valve products produced by Circor include Ball Valves, Globe Valves, and Needle Valves.

Last on the list is Sun Hydraulics Corp. with annual revenue of $341M. Sun Hydraulics is headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. Sun Hydraulics is the leading manufacturer of high-performance screw-in cartridge valves.

Additional U.S. - Based Valve Suppliers

Additional domestic manufacturers of valves are shown below and summarized in Table 2, presented and ranked by their annual revenue range.

Table 2 - Additional Domestic Valve Manufacturers

* Revenue data obtained from Thomas company profiles.
Company City Annual Revenue Range (Millions)* Year Founded
The Specialty Mfg. Co. Saint Paul, MN $25 – 49.9 1900
Indeck Power Equipment Wheeling, IL $25 – 49.9 1960
Gemu Valves Atlanta, GA $25 - 49.9 1988
Lee Industries, Inc. Philipsburg, PA $25 - 49.9 1960
Magnatrol Valve Corp. Hawthorne, NJ $10 – 24.9 1936
ARI Valve Corp. Marietta, GA $1 -4.9 1988
Hayward Flow Control Elizabeth NJ $1 – 4.9 1923
Century Instrument Livonia, MI $1 – 4.9 1950
EVSCO, Inc. McHenry, IL >1 1980
DFT Inc. Exton, PA NA 1943

The Specialty Mfg. located in Saint Paul, Minnesota and is a manufacturer of both valves and dental components. Their valve products division manufactures a variety of valves in material options including brass, stainless steel, and plastic.

Headquarter in Wheeling, Illinois, Indeck Power Equipment Co. specializes in boiler engineering. They manufacture valves utilized in boiler assemblies such as safety valves, check valves, and blowdown valves.

With operations in Atlantic, Georgia, Gemu Valvesis a worldwide manufacturer of high-quality valves, and measurement and control systems. They are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of diaphragm valves, angle seat valves, and globe control valves.

Founded in 1960 in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, Lee Industries is a manufacturer of stainless steel processing vessels. They specialize in stationary and corrosion resistant valves.

Founded in 1936 in Hawthorne, New Jersey, Magnatrol Valve Corp. specializes in the manufacturing of bronze and stainless steel 2- way solenoid valves.

Ari Valve headquartered in Marietta, Georgia. Ari Valve Corp. provides products to the automotive, chemical, and food processing industries. The types of valves which they manufacture include bellow seal, safety, and pressure regulating valves.

Hayward Flow Control is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. They are an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of thermoplastic valve and process control equipment.

Century Instrument Co. is a manufacturer of process control valves and instrumentation, such as automatic diaphragm, diaphragm control, and self-operated temperature valves. They are located in Livonia, Missouri.

Founded in 1980 in McHenry, Illinois, EVSCO, Inc. focuses on the manufacturing of standard and custom corrosion-resistant plastic valves and accessories.

DFT Inc. located in Exton, Pennsylvania, is a manufacturer of custom and standard check valves and control valves.


We hope this has been a helpful guide to selecting the manufacturer or supplier of the correct valve for your application. If you would like a more comprehensive list, you can head over to Thomas Supplier Discovery, which has over 3,500 valves suppliers for your consideration.

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