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Top 7 Valve Manufacturers in China

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China is a powerhouse when it comes to valve manufacturing. It has the largest number of valve manufacturers and the largest volume of valve production in the world. China is also the largest exporter of finished valve products in the world. However, such a huge market means it is near impossible to sieve out great and reputable valve manufacturers in China.

That is why we have done extensive research to put together this list of the top 7 valve manufacturers in China. We have even categorized them according to their best selling valve products. Read on to find out more.

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Top Ball Valve Manufacturer in China

Ball valves are often used in utility services like water and steam. Specialized ball valves such as the one-piece forged steel ball valves can be used in extreme temperature applications. Ball valves are often made of cast iron, brass, forged steel or certain grades of stainless steel. 

Ball valves are quarter-turn valves. These only need a 90-degree turn to open or close. If the handle is perpendicular to the flow of media, the valve is most likely to be open. Turning the handle parallel to the flow of media closes the valve.


Neway is a ball valve manufacturer in China with headquarters in Shanghai. Neway product range covers industrial valves such as ball valves, check valves, gate valves, globe valves, and butterfly valves. Neway valves are extensively used in oil and gas applications. Following the API-6A standards, Neway valves can withstand high-pressure range up to 20 Kpsi.

The company’s ball valve product range falls into four categories: floating ball valve, trunnion mounted ball valve, DBB compact manifold or the double ball valve, and specialized ball valves. 

The ball valve can have a cast end entry or side entry with soft-seated and metal seated types that conform to ISO 17292 standards and API 607 and API 6FA. These can be used with pressure ratings ranging from 150lb to 250000 lb and temperature ratings between -46℃~450℃.  These valves can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, Duplex steel, and other steel alloys. Valve sizes can range from ½” to 8”. Depending on the ball valve product, Neway valves can come in two-piece or three-piece split body design.

Best Gate Valve Supplier in China

Gate valves are often used as shutoff valves. These valves are highly effective for applications that require a bubble-tight seal. Compared to other kinds of shutoff valves, the gate valve can be used with thicker and more viscous media such as molasses and oil. Gate valve is suitable for the power plant industry, water, and wastewater facilities and pharmaceutical applications.


SIO is a China valve manufacturer that supplies and customizes high-quality gate valves. Sio gate valves can either have forged steel or cast steel body material. SIO produces two kinds of gate valves, forged steel gate valve, and cast steel gate valve. The forged steel valve has an outside screw and yoke feature with a customizable bolted bonnet, welded bonnet or pressure seal bonnet. The end connections can either be NPT, socket weld, butt weld or extended tube. 

On the other hand, the cast steel gate valve can be customized to either full or reduced bore, with either flanged or butt weld end connections. These valves can come as bolted bonnet or pressure seal bonnet with flexible or solid wedge design. SIO gate valve sizes can range from NPS ¼ to 48 inches and with a pressure class ranging from Class 150 to 2500.

Top Butterfly Valve Factory in China

The butterfly valve belongs to the quarter-turn rotational family of industrial valves. This valve can be used to stop and start the flow of media as well as regulate the amount of media flowing into the valve. This kind of industrial valve is most suitable when space for larger valves is an issue.

Butterfly valves only have four main components: the body, disk, stem, and the seat. These valves are fitted between two pipe flanges which can be either a lug type or a wafer type.

Hubei Hongcheng

Hubei Hongcheng is a large-scale China valve manufacturer that was founded in 1956. The company produces a wide array of industrial valves, including butterfly valves, spherical valves, flow-regulating valves, gate valves, and check valves. This Chinese valve supplier can produce valves with pressure ratings that range from 0.6 MPa to 13 MPa.

Butterfly valves from Hubei Hongcheng can have nominal diameters ranging from DN 80-6000mm. The nominal pressure of these valves can range from PN 0.25 to 2.5 MPa. Hubei Hongcheng valves are suitable for non-corrosive saturated steam, raw water, seawater, and demineralized water, depending on the design. These valves are quick-closing that can be adjustable in 3 to 30 seconds.

Best Solenoid Valve Company in China

Solenoid valves are often used in fluid control processes. These valves are controlled by an electric current produced by a magnetic field. These valves can either shut off or control the flow of media in the valve. Solenoid valves can either have linear action actuators, plunger-type actuators, pivoted-armature actuators or rocker actuators. Solenoid valves can range from a two-port-design to multi-port designs. These valves are known to be reliable and have a long service life.

Ningbo Kailing Pneumatic Co., Ltd

Ningbo Kailing Pneumatic has a wide array of solenoid valves. These are suitable for water, air, oil, weak acid, weak alkali, and steam applications. The mode of operations can vary from direct-acting, pilot-operated, or pilot-piston. The valve sizes can range from 3mm to 50 mm. The body material can be made of brass or stainless steel. The voltage range in DC is from 25V to 380V, and the DC is from 12V-220V. These valves can be installed in horizontal or slanted positions depending on the design.

Top Globe Valve Manufacturer in China

The globe valve is used to regulate the amount of media flowing through the pipes. This is a linear kind of industrial valve that, upon the turn of the handwheel, moves the plug upwards to allow the movement of fluid. A turn of the handwheel in the opposite direction moves the plug downwards to close the valve. There is a tight seal once the valve is closed as the plug is located between two valve seats.

Guangdong Mingzhu Co. Ltd.

Guangdong Mingzhu(GDMZH) is a China valve supplier and manufacturer of 4 types of globe valves. The Ansi globe valve, globe valve with socket welded ends, globe valves with flanged ends and globe valves with female screw ends.

GDMZH globe valve sizes can range from 2 inches to 12 inches in diameter. These are compliant to ANSI B16.10 face to face standards, and ANSI B16.5 flange standards. Its globe valve with female screw ends is compliant to the GB 12233 guidelines and the thread design follows the GB 7303, DIN 2999 regulations.

Best Control Valve Supplier in China

As its name connotes, the control valve modulates the flow of media in varying degrees, depending on the predetermined set values provided from an external control device. These kinds of industrial valves are considered the final control element of any control loop. These valves are manually controlled. A typical control valve would have a pneumatically or electrically operated actuator that is mounted to the valve. It is the actuator that controls the movement of the stem from an external control device.


Metso is an industrial company that manufactures and supplies different kinds of industrial valves. The company offers several types of control valves. Its globe control valve line carries the Neles RotaryGlobe series ZX which can be used in rugged construction. It can withstand pressure up to ASME Class 1500 or PN 250. Its size ranges from ½ inch to 4 inches. The Neles angle globe valve has a linear angle valve design. This type can have sizes ranging from 1 inch to 48 inches. This valve can withstand an extreme temperature range from -198 degrees Celsius to 593 degrees Celsius.

Top Check Valve Manufacturer in China

Check valves prevent the reverse flow of media. This kind of valve does not need an actuator or any kind of assistance for opening and closing. Check valves rely on internal pressure.

If the pressure is low, the valve will automatically close but when the internal forward pressure is high, the valve would open. The check valve has one of the simplest designs, consisting only of the body, seat, disc, and cover.

Shanghai Jiangnan Valve

Shanghai Jiangnan Valve manufactures a wide array of high-grade industrial valves including check valves. Its check valve product line comprises of different kinds of materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, and brass, among others. The valve sizes can range from ½ inches to 3 inches with seats varying from NBR, PTFE, and FKM. Other seat materials are also available upon request. These valves can withstand up to 20 Bar pressure points and up to 232 degrees Centigrade, depending on the design.


There is no denying that China has a large market for industrial valve manufacturers. There are a lot of suppliers and manufacturers that offer a wide variety of industrial valves for various applications. Did we miss any valve manufacturer? Tell us in the comments below!

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