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Superimposed Throttle Valve Z2FS

Brand: Huade Hydraulic
Model: Z2FS6
Certificate: ISO9001-2008
Origin: China

Product Description

Basic product information

Product name: Stacked double check valve Z2FS6 Z2FS6B Z2FS6A


Product attributes

Brand: Huade Hydraulic

Model: Z2FS6

Certificate: ISO9001-2008

Origin: China


Custom properties

The Z2FS6 type throttle valve is a double one-way stack type throttle valve used to control the main flow or pilot oil flow of one or two oil ports. Two oil circuits of the working oil chamber can be connected at the same time. Two symmetrical single-phase throttle valves adjust the flow in one direction by adjusting the cross-sectional area of ​​the orific.

Return oil in the other direction through the check valve. Inlet or outlet throttling is achieved by choosing different installation positions (6 diameter) or different models (16.22 diameter).

Main flow control: installed between the directional valve and the base plate.

Pilot Flow Control: Installed between the pilot valve and the main valve.


Transaction information

Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces

Price: RMB 180

Payment method: T/T, Paypal, Western Union

Supply Ability: Annual output of 1,000,000

Delivery time: 10-15 days

Conventional packing: export packing


Product description

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Superimposed Throttle Valve