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Stainless Steel Globe Valve manufacturer in India

Supplier of Angle Globe Valve SS Globe Control Valve, BUy Rastyvar boli

ASME B16.10 Stainless Steel flanged globe valve has a globular body that controls the flow of liquids and gases through the pipelines. Suraj Metal Corporationis a leading manufacturer and supplier of the different types such as the Class 800 Stainless Steel globe control valve and others in different sizes and scales. There are different types such as the 2 piece, 3 piece and 3 way valves.

Stainless Steel Globe Valve

Class 150 Globe Valve

We stock and supplies ASTM A351 CF8M 316 Flanged Globe Valve as per international standards & specifications

The commonly used type is the Stainless Steel 3 way globe valve which is used in oil and gas, water and other pipelines. There are different material grades used to make the globe valves. The SS steam globe valve is used in boiler, steamer and other applications where steam is controlled through pipelines. There are different types of valves based on their structure and shape such as the Stainless Steel bellows sealed globe valve and other types. The material grade can be stainless steel such as 304 and 316 as most used grades. There are different standards such as the Api 600 Stainless Steel threaded globe valve which denote the sizes, pressure capacities and other properties. As we are a leading manufacturer and supplier, we supply different material grades such as the Stainless Steel 316 Globe Valve and others. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the different types along with the pricing of the valves such as 304 Stainless Steel Globe Valve. You can also contact us for more details on different types of valves.

ANSI B 16.10 Stainless Steel Flanged Globe Valve Material Specification

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Size 1/2" to 2" BSP
Body 316 Stainless Steel
Nominal Pressure 13 BAR
Max Temp 180°C
Threaded end NPT spec ANSI B2.1


What are the different types of Globe Valve?

PN16 flange Bellow sealed type stainless steel Globe Valve

Stainless Steel Flange Wcb Globe Valve

Stainless Steel SS304 Sanitary Pneumatic Globe valve

ANSI B 16.10 Stainless Steel 3 Flanged Globe Valve

DIN 3356 PN16 stainless steel globe valve

3 inch cast steel stainless steel flange globe valve

ASTM A351 CF8M Globe Valve Pressure Rating

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Model DN (mm) Pressure Range Media Temp CV
GLS-04 15 0 to 13 Bar -20°C to 180°C 10
GLS-05 20 0 to 13 Bar -20°C to 180°C 27
GLS-06 25 0 to 13 Bar -20°C to 180°C 52
GLS-07 32 0 to 13 Bar -20°C to 180°C 90
GLS-08 40 0 to 13 Bar -20°C to 180°C 140
GLS-09 50 0 to 13 Bar -20°C to 180°C 265

Stainless Steel Globe Valve Structure Design

Number Name Material
1 Body ASTM A351 CF8M
2 Disc ASTM A351 CF8M
3 Stem ASTM A276 316
4 Bonnet ASTM A351 CF8M
5 Body Gasket PTFE
6 Washer ASTM A276 316
7 Packing PTFE
8 Packing Sleeve ASTM A276 316
9 Packing Gland ASTM A351 CF8M
10 Hand Wheel Aluminium Alloy
11 Nut ASTM A194-B8M
12 Plain Washer ASTM A276 304

Globe valve Dimension

Check Api 600 Globe Valve Dimension chart online, Buy SS bellows sealed globe valve, CF8M stainless steel Control Globe Valve, Stockist of L&T and Audco make SS Three Way Globe Valve

Model Size L H D Weight (kg)
GLS-04 ½” 61 90 65 0.4
GLS-05 ¾” 74 96 72 0.5
GLS-06 1” 85 102 72 0.7
GLS-07 1 ¼” 95 120 96 1.2
GLS-08 1 ½” 104 126 105 1.5
GLS-09 2” 123 140 105 2.2

Stainless Steel Globe Valves 200lb Dimension

Sizes L d H W wt/lbs.
1/2" 2.56 0.59 3.74 2.78 0.99
3/4" 3.15 0.71 3.74 2.76 1.38
1" 3.54 0.94 3.74 3.15 1.83
1-1/4" 4.13 1.18 4.33 3.54 2.90
1-1/2" 4.72 1.45 4.53 3.54 3.74
2" 5.51 1.81 5.19 3.94 5.39