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Hydraulic Equipment

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SS Series Wet Type Solenoid Operated Directional Control Valve (G01)

  • Recognized by reliable overseas safety standards such as CE (Europe), UL (U.S.A.) and CSA (Canada).
  • The power consumption of the DC solenoid (D* and E*) is reduced. This will further promote your energy saving policy.
  • An innovative fluid reaction compensating mechanism assures reliable valve switching. (Patent pending)
  • An expanded wiring space ensures easy wiring.
  • Redesigned terminal box improves waterproof properties.
    The terminal block has been modified to improve the insulation performance. (Conforms to overseas standards)
  • Interchangeable with conventional products (30 designs)
    The valve proper as well as such parts as a centralized terminal box and coil are interchangeable with the conventional ones in terms of a kit.
Hydraulic Valve