Speed-Rail® Fittings

Speed Rail Fitting General Info 

Pipe Size Fitting Chart
  • Speed-Rail® fitting size and IPS pipe size need to match                
  • Make sure you are buying pipe, not tube!  
  • Pipe size code is cast into Speed-Rail® fittings                                                                                                                                                         Example: '3-8' (3 is the fitting model number & 8 is the pipe size code)  
  • Pipe size code
    • 5  corresponds to ¾” IPS pipe size.              
    • 6  corresponds to 1” IPS pipe size. 
    • 7  corresponds to 1-1/4” IPS pipe size. 
    • 8  corresponds to 1-1/2” IPS pipe size. 
    • 9  corresponds to 2” IPS pipe size. 

Our Speed-Rail® Fittings are structural pipe fittings that are produced from only the highest quality materials such as Aluminum Alloy 535, which is the most corrosive resistant alloy available. Our connectors also feature proprietary fasteners with outstanding slip and loosening resistance. Speed-Rail® piping makes it easy to build hand rail and other pipe and slip on fittings-based structures. Speed-Rail® connectors provide an industry standard, durable, non-corrosive and easy to install speed rail pipe. All our Speed-Rail® aluminum rail products are engineered and manufactured to precise detailed specifications. Some of the applications that benefit the most from Speed-Rail aluminum rail fittings, include:

  • Guardrails
  • Handrails
  • Store Fixtures
  • Playgrounds
  • Warehouses
  • Racking Systems

We also stock black pipe and black aluminum Speed-Rails at certain locations but do not feature it online due to availability. Contact us for more information on black pipe and black aluminum Speed-Rail options.

Speed-Rail® Connector Benefits

There are numerous benefits associated with our Speed-Rail® piping products, including:

  • Ease of Assembly - Only tools required are a saw, hex key and tape measure.
  • Speed of Installation - Cost savings when compared to welding.
  • Flexible - Can be used with galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel or black iron pipe.
  • Reusable - Systems can be easily disassembled and reconfigured.

Speed-Rail® Schedule 40 Pipe Fittings

Speed-rail® is extensively used in combination with our Schedule 40 pipe products to build a wide range of structures. The types of Schedule 40 pipe that we stock, include:

  • 6061 Aluminum Pipe – 6061 represents the lightest and most attractive aluminum available. Some of the more common applications include roofing installations, indoor projects or anytime the lightest material is required.
  • Galvanized Steel – This variety of steel weighs more than aluminum but is also less expensive. Galvanized steel is also corrosion resistant due to its external coating. This type of piping is used for structures that enter the ground such as solar fields.
  • Standard Steel – Standard steel is heavy and will rust since it is not coated with anything, but it is also highly cost-effective. However, steel is ideal for powder coating applications or for projects that will not be subjected to the elements.

Speed Rail Fittings Resources                  

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