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PEX Crimpers

PEX Crimpers

PEX Crimpers Features

  • REED tool crimps rings easily, giving good connections.
  • PEX Crimper are the right tools for PEX systems and properly seal the rings without distortion.
  • Each REED copper ring crimper includes a go/no-go gauge and an Allen wrench.


Catalog No. Item Code Description Weight
lbs kg
PXCR12S 04900 1/2" capacity with 8 3/4" handle 3.0 1.4
PXCR34S 04903 3/4" capacity with 9" handle 3.0 1.4
PXCR1M 04904 1" capacity with 11 1/2" handle 4.0 1.8
PXCR1234M 04910 1/2" - 3/4" capacity with 11 1/2" handle 4.3 1.9
PEXOH12 04920 1/2" capacity, one hand style 2.5 1.1
PEXOH34 04925 3/4" capacity, one hand style 2.6 1.2

More Information

PEX Crimpers squeeze the copper rings used on PEX brass fittings. PEX Crimpers systems are used for potable water lines, radiant heat, snow melt and ice rink systems, among other applications. The design of these PEX crimpers eliminates tool marks and distortion on the rings. The tools crimp rings easily, making PEX installation a breeze. For one-hand use on 1/2” and 3/4” PEX, consider the PEXOH12 or PEXOH34. Each REED PEX Crimpers for copper rings comes with its own go/no-go gauge.

REED PEX Crimpers offers the widest selection of high-quality solutions for crimping PEX copper rings or stainless steel clamps.


PEX Crimpers #01151 PDF (2 MB)
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