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  • Size

    3/4” through 8” (20 through 200 mm)

    Ratings & Connections

    Flanged: ANSI 150 – 2500, UNI-DIN 10 - 400

    Welded: BW or SW

    Screwed: NPT 3/4” through 2” (20 through 50 mm)

    Body Materials

    carbon steel; stainless steel; chrome-moly


    model 87/88 multi-spring diaphragm; cylinder


    single seat plug top guided; Lo-dB and anti-cavitation trims, single or double stage are available

    Inherent Characteristics

    linear or equal percentage



    Baker Hughes offers the Masoneilan 21000 Series heavy top-guided globe valve for a wide range of automated process control applications. The 21000 Series product line features a single-ported design configuration, which permits numerous trim, actuation, and instrumentation solutions including:

    • Lo-dB* Noise Attenuation
    •  Anti-Cavitation
    • Reduced Capacity & Low Flow Trim
    • Cryogenic Configuration
    • Tight Shutoff
    •  Environmental Packing
    • Advanced Digital Positioning & Control


    Rugged top-guiding of the plug promotes maximum valve stability under adverse conditions. The inherent ruggedness of the 21000 Series is field-proven, with thousands of units installed in process control plants around the world operating successfully with various fluids under mild and extreme conditions.

    High Performance

    The combination of trim designs, actuator stability, shutoff capabilities, and superior valve positioning offers optimum control performance. The 21000 Series is also available in various materials, pressure ratings, and end connections offering a complete high-performance valve platform.

Masoneilan 21000 Series Single Port Valve

Masoneilan 21000 Series Single Port Valve

Applicable Industries

Power Generation, Refining, Petrochemicals, Midstream Oil & Gas, Upstream Oil & Gas.

Key Applications : Steam Turbine Generator, Condenser, Cooling Tower, Reactor Building, Turbine Building, Reactor Facility Grounds & BOP, Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, Heat Recovery Steam Generator,  Balance Of Plant, Distillation, Hydroprocessing  Reforming, Cracking, Secondary, Blending, Quenching & Fractioning, Charge Gas Compression, Seperation, Pipeline Integrity, Operations, Dehydration, Refrigeration, Liquifaction, Loading/Shipping, Regasification, Auxillary, Dehydration/Treating, Compression.