Iron Fitting

Stick Your Shots Closer to the Pin

Our Iron Fittings include a detailed, step-by-step process to determine the key specifications for your clubs. Through an interview and thorough swing analysis, we can determine what specifications you need to optimize your iron play. Our expert fitters will address your loft (distance control and gapping), lie (directional control), shaft flex (distance and trajectory control, feel), club length (distance and accuracy control, comfort), grip size (directional control, feel and security), swing weight (feel and swing control) and set makeup (distance gapping).

Whether you're buying a new set of irons or customizing your current set, properly fit irons can maximize your distance and optimize your accuracy. Better Your Best this season by sticking your irons closer than ever before. Schedule an Iron Fitting at your local Golf Galaxy.

Lay It Down Right

The position of the clubhead at the moment of impact determines the outcome of your shot. Getting an iron set properly fit for your swing ensures that everything is in the correct position at impact. Your shots will look more like you envision them, and your handicap will drop faster than a tap-in putt.

Unparalleled Technology

We combine unmatched expertise with the latest technology to upgrade your play and lower your score.

Choosing the Best Shaft

Customize your clubs with the best flex, weight and profile for your game so you can maximize your distance, feel and control.

Length and Lie

Our best-in-class fitters identify the proper length and lie angle to improve your accuracy, directional control and ball flight.

Find Your Perfect Fit

Golf is a game of adjustments, and one of the biggest adjustments you can make is with a custom fitting. Our trusted advisors are dedicated to finding the best fit for your game.