Electronic Pressure Regulators

Proportion-Air’s core focus is manufacturing industrial and repeatable electronic air pressure regulators and electronic pressure control valves. It seems like every pneumatic control valve company offers a line of electronic pressure regulators these days. However, EPRs (electronic pressure regulators) are an auxiliary product to most of these companies. At Proportion-Air, controlling the pressure and flow of air and gases is our only business, which is why we often say, One product, thousands of ways.”

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High Flow Valves

Flows up to 2,000 SCFM & higher

Vacuum Pressure Valves

Vacuum or Vacuum-through-Positive

High Resolution Valves

Max resolution of 0.005%

Low Cost Valves

Lowest cost of ownership

As long as the electronic pressure regulator offered in “the other guys’” catalog matches what you want, you might be well served buying an EPR from a company that offers many types of pneumatic products. But, you’ll need to get out your checkbook and your calendar if you’d like an electronic pressure regulator that is anything outside of a catalog standard 0-100 psig plain vanilla model. That’s where we come in…

Proportion-Air focuses on your needs and builds a regulator to match them. We back up our pressure regulators and control valves with experienced people who actually answer the phone when you call and want to learn about your application.

Heaven help you if you need a technical question answered by many of our competitors who make EPRs or worse yet, immediate focus on you as a customer if you have a machine go down. At Proportion-Air, we only build electronic air pressure regulators and air flow controls.

SPECIALIZING IN: Low Pressure (as low as 0 to 2 Inches of Water Column),  Vacuum and High Pressure (1,000 PSI in 1:1 direct configuration and 10K+ in ratio configuration) applications

Our competitors build thousands of products, one of which is an electronic air pressure regulator. We build only electronic pressure controllers, but we customize them in thousands of ways.

There are many ways you can reach out to us. Phone, email or try the ‘Request Quote’ form above. We strive to offer quotes in less than 6 hours of understanding your needs. 

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