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About Us & Why Dervos

  About Us

Xiamen Dervos Valves Industry Co.,Ltd (stock code 861601) is a one-stop industrial valves supplier founded in June, 2008. We integrate R&D, manufacture, resource integration and trade service into one. For 12 years, we have been committed to finding solutions for our customers and providing professional service in respect of both general and specialized valves.
We have four well-managed centers: marketing center, supply chain management center, manufacturing center and integration center. Each performs its own duties in different aspects but serves as four powerful engines, driving Dervos ahead in the same direction — offer better products and service to our clients.


Why Dervos?

As a global supplier of industrial valves, Dervos is dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible products and solutions.
Hard to find suitable valves?
Besides our own factory, we also have more than 200 valve suppliers. Dervos is professional and resourceful enough to find the right valves for you.

Worry about the product quality?
Dervos owns an experienced quality checking team that guarantees valve quality strictly on casting, machining, assembly and other parts
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