Ball and Gate Valves are the gate keepers any irrigation job

Despite being manually operated, Ball and Gate Valves are an important line of defense for any irrigation system. Simply with the turn of a lever or wheel the water supply can be opened or closed. Often these types of valves are used to diagnose problems in specific sections of an irrigation system, by cutting the water flow to areas where there might be damaged parts or leaks. Dont be fooled – Ball and Gate valves are key to completing a successful residential irrigation installation.

See some of our irrigation valves below:

Matco ¾” Brass Ball Valve

3/4″ Brass ball valves are regularly installed in residential and light commercial irrigation projects. Typically they are used as multi-purpose shut off valves to create end points in an irrigation line.

  • For use in higher pressure situations than typical PVC valve
  • Capable of immediately shutting off the flow of water
  • Weather resistant, durable and made to last.
  • Lead Free!

Matco 1” Brass Gate Valve

Brass gate valves are another essential component to any irrigation job, however gate valves serve a different purpose than ball valves… Gate valves work by turning a knob which slowly lowers an internal gate to block the flow of water. Since the gate is lowered slowly, this does not shut the flow of water off immediately which can cause a trickle effect. 

  • Typically used with hose bibs or other garden attachments
  • Grant a user more “control” over the flow of water(reduction vs immediate shut off)
  • Made of weather resistant material, durable and suitable for outside use
  • Lead Free!

¾” Slip PVC Ball Valve

PVC ball valves serve the same purpose as a brass ball valve, however in lower pressure situations. They are perfect for creating cut off points in a schedule 40 pipe line. These are extremely common, and found in every professional irrigation installation.

PVC Union

At Irrigation Express we carry both Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC unions, with Schedule 40 unions being the most common. A pvc union is used much like a pvc coupling, to connect two pieces of pipe together, however unlike a coupling, unions are only semi-permanent. Because a union is connected without adhesive, you can remove them and easily replace them without needing to cut your pipe. This makes them the better choice when a contractor is unsure if changes will need to be made at some point in a line in the future.

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