Electrically Actuated Ball & Butterfly Valves

Electric Actuation Made Easy

The feature-rich S3 Series multi-voltage actuator takes its highly successful predecessor, the S2, to the next level. SIMTECH now offers the third generation of electric actuators to complement our lines of thermoplastic valves that incorporates four torque-range models in both the “L” ( Low Voltage) and “E” (High Voltage) series. 

  • S3 Model Max. Operating Torque
  • Model 20 177 in./Lbs
  • Model 35 309 in./Lbs
  • Model 55 486 in./Lbs
  • Model 85 752 in./Lbs

The S3 offers a long list of user-friendly standard features that are often options on other manufacturer’s equipment, including: 

  • Multi-voltage capability with automatic voltage sensing
  • Electronic torque limiter
  • Automatic Temperature Control (anti-condensation heater)
  • A highly visible LED status light and dome position Indicator
  • All new, rugged weatherproof and anti-corrosive polyamide housing
  • Local and remote position confirmation 
  • Manual override with safety cut-out switch
  • Protected electrical supply with same wiring connections for AC & DC power

A New Concept in Smart Quarter-Turn Actuators

The innovative S3 has optional plug and play conversion kits for operating the actuator in either failsafe or modulating mode. The modulating kit has the new digital positioner that offers auto-calibrating and self-resetting functionality.   

The S3 will also save installation time because there is no need to remove the cover to connect the unit electrically. Regardless of voltage, installations can be prewired using the external DIN plugs and external wiring diagrams supplied with the actuator.

Available Options:

  • BSR Battery Spring Return
  • DPS Digital Positioning System

Custom Electric Actuation and “Smart” Actuators

In addition to the S3 series, Simtech offers customized electric valve automation solutions for even the most complex applications.  Finding an actuator that is fully compatible with your control network is one of our specialties.  We can help you with a variety of process automation standards and protocols. Just send us your actuation specifications and we our experts will recommend the ideal actuator and accessories for your flow control application and plant conditions.