JMP API 6A Gate Valves products are reliable and used by top oil and gas companies in Canada and the US. JMP products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions longer than most brands and are designed for easy maintenance. Our top selling J-series gate valves have received fantastic performance reviews from clients in  Houston, Dallas and Texas.

All products manufactured by JMP comply with API 6A standard aspects. Competitively priced, with easy maintenance and designed to last as long as the pipes (which normally last 40 years) JMP’s gate valves are a great product. Low cost oil and gas 7-10 and 7-15 gate valves are a great investment.

JMP designs top manufacturer Cameron®-style gate valves. Featuring gate-to-seat and seat-to-body metal-to-metal sealing to ensure a gas-tight seal on 7-10 and 7-15 valves for better performance. The low cost oil and gas valves metal-to-metal sealing help fight corrosive fluids. A special lubricant is put on all API 6A gate valves to extend product life by limiting wear, friction and contamination. Cameron®-style gate valves allow low cost oil and gas valves to have an extended life by preventing trapping of pressure inside the valve cavity.

API 6A gate valves 7-10 and 7-15 are forged to guarantee strength under maximum operation without flaw of cast. Hydraulic gate valves control downstream pressure and volume during flowback and well testing. They provide open and close features for simple oil and gas production. For cold weather conditions, JMP gate valves and Cameron®-style gate valves are carefully designed to withstand the climate change.
JMP FC style gate valves ready for packing
Fresh off the assembly line ready for testing