Pipes Push-fit


Push-Fit Hep2O includes unique features that enable quick and easy installation with a secure fitting. It is the only push-fit plumbing system with joint recognition, secure demounting and a 50 year guarantee.


15 mm x 6 mtrs / 25 mtrs / 50 mtrs / 100 mtrs

22 mm x 6 mtrs / 25 mtrs / 50 mtrs

28 mm x 6 mtrs



Secure installation

You get a secure fit every time thanks to Wavin’s In4Sure security feature. Once the connection is in place, you twist the pipe or fitting and feel the “rumble” – signaling a perfect fit.

Flexible and versatile

Hep2O pipe comes off the coil straight but is highly flexible for fast and easy installation. The system works great with copper and plastic so is ideal for new build and refurbishment projects. A wide range of fittings are available to accommodate any plumbing job.


Fittings can be easily adjusted with the HepKey demounting system. Simply clip the HepKey over the fitting to depress the collar and release the fitting. This system prevents tampering or accidental demounting and ensures your installation is totally secure.


Standards & Approvals

All Wavin products are manufactured under a quality management system which is approved to BS EN ISO 9001: 2008.Wavin systems comply, where applicable to the following British standards. Also listed, for information are the appropriate installation standards that are referred to as codes of practice :

For further information please visit the BSI (British Standards Institution) website www.bsigroup.com

Whilst every effort is made to keep this information current, it is constantly being reviewed and updated. If you require any further details, please contact us.

BS/DIN Number
Type of Standard
BS6920 Hep2O/Acorn meets the requirements of BS6920 Water Quality Testing, which specifies requirements for the suitability of non-metallic products, with regard to their effect on the quality of water intended for human consumption. Specification
BS7291 Hep2O/Acorn conforms to the requirements for ‘Class S’ applications as set out in BS7291 Thermoplastics pipes and associated fittings for hot and cold water for domestic purposes and heating installations in buildings.
Part 1:2001 General Requirements.
Part 2:2001 Specification for polybutylene (PB) pipes and associated fittings.
DIN4726/4727 Hep2O/Acorn barrier pipe has been tested for oxygen permeability to DIN4726/27 and has been accepted by British Gas Services under their service cover schemes. Manufacturing
Hep2O/Acorn is also approved by WRAS -This means it is deemed safe for use in the supply of drinking water.