Hydraulic Products

Information about Hydraulic Equipment


  • ARL1 Series Piston Pumps

    High-efficiency, compact piston pump with the technologies and reliability of AR and A Series piston pumps
  • A7H Series High Pressure Variable Piston Pumps

    Variable piston pump with rated pressure of 35 MPa and maximum pressure of 40 MPa; available in displacement capacities of 180 and 270 cm3/rev.
  • ASR/ ASE AC Servo Motor Driven Pumps

    The ASR/ASE Series use an AC servo motor to drive a piston pump directly. These products implement variable discharge by adjusting rotational frequency across the full range. A dedicated AMSR controller ensures precise control of discharge and pressure for exceptional response and reproducibility.
  • A3HG Series High Pressure Variable Piston Pumps

    This high-pressure variable piston pump meets international standards (ISO, SAE) while maintaining the high performance of the conventional A3H Series and boosting nominal pressure from 28 MPa to 31.5 MPa.


  • Logic Valves

    Logic valves provide directional, flow, and pressure control based on the circuit objective. Hydraulic circuits can be formed by including the valves in the block or manifold, making them optimal for more compact hydraulic systems.
  • EH Series Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Valves

    A closed loop is formed by including a power amp and sensor in the control valve for high-precision hydraulic control. The integrated amp allows control of hydraulic pressure simply by supplying DC power and a command signal voltage.
  • Sockless Type Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Directional and Flow Control Valves

    This valve is available in 10 slope patterns (one straight, 9 curved) to ease the shock when turning on or shutting down. From these options, choose the optimal shockless control based on the status (load) of the mother machine.
  • High Response Type Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Directional and Flow Control Valves

    This valve features a closed loop format for feedback control to provide high response comparable with simple servo valves.
  • Servo Valves

    This servo valve features a compact, powerful linear motor to provide direct drive for the spool. The remarkably simple design offers outstanding response, precision, and contamination resistance.

Hydraulic Unit

  • Standard Hydraulic Unit / Power Package Unit

    Low-noise, compact, high-efficiency hydraulic units. An extensive lineup from general purpose to energy efficient. Listed with 01 Series solenoid operated directional valves and 01 Series modular valves to form control circuits.
  • YA Series L-Pack

    Compact, high-efficiency hydraulic unit featuring ARL 1 Series piston pump
  • Energy-Efficient Hydraulic Unit

    This energy-efficient hydraulic unit offers significant energy savings when combined with a variable pump pressure compensator and dedicated inverter controller to detect load pressure and control rotational frequency.
  • Energy Saving System for Hydraulic Unit (Energy Saving Controller)

    This energy-saving system for hydraulic units improves efficiency by adding a dedicated controller for setting inverter rotational frequency, pressure sensor and commercially available inverter to an existing pump unit and conducting simple adjustments. Energy-saving controllers feature an optional automatic tuning function that eliminates the need for initial setup.


  • Hydraulic Cylinders

    We offer standard hydraulic cylinders in a series of models ranging from 3.5 MPa to 21 MPa to accommodate a wide range of applications, as well as models incorporating proximity switches. The compact type has smaller external dimensions than the conventional CJT210, so systems can be made more compact.
  • Yuken Compact Hydraulic Cylinders

    Yuken's compact CBY14 Series is one-third the length of conventional cylinders to allow deployment in spaces too small for conventional cylinders.
  • Position Sensoring Hydraulic Cylinders.

    Features a high-precision absolute position sensor based on a magnetostrictive position detection system. Makes extensive use of parts conforming to the JIS standard to achieve as compact dimensions as standard hydraulic cylinders.
Hydraulic Valve