Today was hot water day since Chick Fil A’s only let’s other people work on Sunday. Anyway, I’ve never owned a ball valve for changing from short gun to wand to surface cleaner or whatever.

On hot water days I take the necessary precautions. Jeans, boots, leather gloves.

Today, a funny thing happened. My hot water lance trigger got stuck. Super stuck. I put my lance down range on the ground, opened the low pressure soap valve, shut the machine off, and went to uncouple the hose from the gun. Didn’t shut off the water.

I was paying close attention to not spraying myself in the face with 200 degree water, thought all the pressure was off the lance since the trigger was stuck open, and there was just enough to push the quick connects apart and spray a healthy dose of hot water in my glove.

In an instant I ripped my glove off and my skin went with it. Before that moment I thought ball valves were for those who didn’t want to take 30 seconds to turn the machine off. Today, I became a ball valve convert and on my way home to order one now since I’ve already stopped at my dad’s to clean myself up.

From this point forward… I use ball valves on hot water days.


Was it the gun I sent you?

@Innocentbystander No. That gun is amazing. I use a short gun 90% of the time so that one is dedicated to that.

This gun is one of the first I ever bought from the place I now hate with a passion. Northern Tool. It’s a GP though.

I’ve already thrown it out. It’s in a chick fil a trash can. Lol

Ball valves and swivel connectors are the best thing since sliced bread…


@Greg755 I’m still stuck in yesteryear. Nothing fancy. Just 200 feet of hose and a male and female end. The swivel on my surface cleaner has been stuck since the day I got it. Never cared much to change it.

I may order a couple swivels while I’m at it though just to see what all the fuss is about.

Wow! Looks painful, glad that’s all it was though.

I use a ball valve and swivel. Works great. I like being able to rinse with the ball valve, plus even if the machine is off i can fill up a bucket with water if i need to. Also i leave it open when i start the machine so that it never builds up pressure (pull start) if it doesnt crank the first pull.

Just recently started using a 6 ft. whip line on the ball valve, so that all of that weight is on the ground instead of having it all connected to the gun while spraying. Have only used it for a few minutes like that, but it seems to work ok. Got that tip from reading stuff here.

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What ball value you guys using? U have a part number or link?


I have a stainless steel one on the end of my 200 feet hose … but to me it gets hard to turn…almost stuck

I hadn’t seen that on here, but I was thinking I’d get a whip line with it because I don’t want it except for hot water.

I’m now half-expecting one of my NT tips to go flying off the end of my want like a bullet!

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That is the BEST THING that I have got from here.
Makes my jobs so EASY
Tiger that is exactly what I have and bought 4 of them just to have and gave one away .
I put one on my 13hp as well…

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@tireshark @Fatdaddy Just ordered a ball valve, 6’ whip line, and another round of viton o-rings from Pressuretek. I’m gonna give it a shot.

@Greg755 are you talking inline hose swivels or swivels on the gear?

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u need to get that swivel, mosicis something like that…


A swivile between the hose wnd ball valve. Basically your hoses don’t twist up as much so your not fighting them… Ill take a pict tomorrow and see if I can upload it… You need a good swivel and ball valve if you want them to last. Mine also have a quick disconnect so after every use I take the whole unit off as one piece and spray it down with a little oil. I actually have a 2nd one as a spare… I have enough spare parts to start another company…hahahhahah


If you’re going to do it, do it right

If you ever use one for a few days, you’ll never wash w/o again.


Looks like I’m buying a swivel tomorrow.


By the way, I made this video nearly a year ago and that spare is still in my toolbox. Original going on 2 years now and still works like a champ.


i got 3 of those, gave one away…
saw a older guy washing, hale he was oder than me.
and i’m 62… had a neat rig…
just needed these.